We the People

If you grew up in the 1970’s (gosh don’t I feel old now), you might start hearing a little tune in your head when you read the words “We the People.” And you might even feel the urge to start singing:

OK, now that’s out of my system. How many of us really know about the founding of our country? Have you read any part of the Constitution? Do you know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And if you say, “Sure, I do! I watched that National Treasure movie starring Nicholas Cage,” well, I can tell you that doesn’t count (although I really enjoyed that movie!).

Our country is rich in history and we’ve done our best to try and preserve that history so that future generations can see where we started. At the National Archives (www.archives.gov), our country’s history is being preserved and presented for everyone to access. Whether you’re interested in researching the information right from your computer, or you want to take a trip and visit an archive in person, you can!

You can see scanned images of the actual documents that made America. Read the words that started it all and look at the signatures of the men who stood together to form a brand new country on the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution, which set forth the laws that would govern our new country.

There is a saying that I’ve heard, “You can’t move forward until you know where you’ve been.” At the National Archives, anyone can see where we came from and what formed the country we are today.


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